About Us


Keep It Simple And Be Intelligent is a inspiring and motivational phrase that is easy to explain.

   1. Make it plain enough to explain and, 

   2. Be intelligent in everything you do. 

KISABI - The word "kisabi" comes from the first letter in each word of the phrase Keep It Simple And Be Intelligent.

The idea was birthed back in 1986.  A group of college classmates sitting around talking about how in America we go after different brands that existed that most have no meaning. And we purchase these brands because we follow the "in" crowd. Or we see some professional person wearing it, so we want it. So we thought about starting a brand, but a brand that would be positive.  And one person in the group came up with a catch phrase that was positive and easy enough to remember. "Keep It Simple And Be Intelligent"

The idea was to design clothing from the clothes that gave people a negative opinion. (Ex. the sagging of the pants that had guys and girls showing their underwear, very negative.)  We had ideas to design something that looked like a person sagging, but not showing underwear.  We wanted to make clothes that would give people a positive outlook. We wanted to design clothes that would make you say “I got to have that in my life”. One of the guys came up with “Keep It Simple And Be Intelligent”. That was the phrase, and it was positive. That person started a mission to get this phrase copyrighted. 

Keep It Simple And Be Intelligent, the phrase to motivate and inspire.  After several attempts of trying and submitting paperwork, it was not copyrighted. Frustration set in and the idea was parked for years. Then the pandemic hit around the world and cities all over America went on lockdown.  And the idea started to rolling again. This time a different approach was taken, and after researching the proper avenue for copyrighting the phrase. The founder realized that he needed to trademark his idea. Thus the brand was legitimized: Keep It Simple And Be Intelligent - KISABI.

Today we are a clothing company that inspire and motivates whoever buys, wears, or reads our products. The first phase of our company began with customizing t-shirts and then moving on to other clothing items.  We now have taken our message to include household items and keepsakes.

We are in our second phase of our company that branches out to inspire and motivate in the field of education.  After the inspiration, we want to leave you motivated. Remember, It doesn't have to be so difficult, Keep It Simple And Be Intelligent.